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Posture Exercise and Balance

Renee North | Comments (0)

Twenty first century life has created the 21st century posture. We use our bodies differently than our grandparents did. We sit far more than a human body was designed to. Muscles come in sets, and every muscle has a partner muscle for balance. When we sit, we only use one muscle in a set. So, when we sit for much of our day, we are overusing some muscles and under-using others.

Posture exercises are designed to stretch the over-used muscles, and strengthen the neglected muscles.  Practice makes permanent, not perfect. If you have ever had an injury, your body motion probably is not ideally balanced. So, if you can learn to feel a more normal, balanced, controlled motion with a daily posture stretch, you can carry that feeling into other athletic endeavors.  Posture exercise helps athletes restore balance, ensuring optimal sports performance.