Improve & Strengthen with Posture Exercise

First: Check the Alignment of Your PostureZones


Back up to a wall so your heels, buttocks, shoulders and head all lightly touch the wall.  Stand relaxed with your head level and legs straight.

No Problem!

Great! Your PostureZones are aligned.  A great beginning StrongPosture exercises is simply taking 3 slow breaths to focus on feeling your body’s best posture. Why this works: the wall is vertical, giving you an objective reference at several points along your body.  *If you feel any areas of stress, don't strain.  If you aren't sure, or you feel more than mild muscular tightness, consider having your posture checked by a professional.

No Way!

If you have to look up or can't get your head to even touch the wall when your lower PostureZones are aligned, you likely have a Forward Head Posture. This common posture distortion can be improved with therapy and posture exercise. Are your heels and buttocks against the wall, and shoulders nowhere near? Do you have to bend your knees to keep from falling forward? It may indicate a posture adaptation that has occurred over time.


Next: Focus on Improving Your Alignment

Tip: You'll need to put on a baseball cap for this one.

Return to WallStand position. Keep your head level and look straight ahead. Don't worry about touching the wall, just keep your head level.

Now, put on your baseball cap and look at a point straight in front of you.  Pull the hat down so the brim is just touching the point. Next, press your head back towards the wall keeping the brim of the cap aligned with the point.

You may feel some stretching at the base of the neck, base of the skull, or middle of the back, depending on where the tight link is in your postural chain. Only press your head as far back as you can go keeping your head level.

Do 5 Neck PullBacks, twice a day, to improve your alignment.

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